What’s the Perfect Accessory for the Electronic Daisy Carnival? Light Up Shoes!

Posted by Jeff Williams on 4/2/2017 to News

What’s the Perfect Accessory for the Electronic Daisy Carnival? Light Up Shoes!

Are you going to this year’s Electronic Daisy Carnival? Why not? EDC is one of the most unique festivals in the world, a fusion of light, music, and soul that brings together artistic accomplishments and presents them in brilliant neon with thumping bass, acrobats flying through the air, and one of the most colorful crowds ever assembled. If you’re not going, you’re missing out. If you are going, maybe you should consider a pair of light up shoes to really help get into the spirit of things.

How Light Up Shoes Can Help Distinguish You

Part of the fun of the Electronic Daisy Carnival is getting dressed up for it. This usually means the brightest colors you can find, as many colored lights as you can put on your body, and a focus on standing out among people who are also going to be doing everything in their power to stand out.

Of course, while you could just surround yourself in neon light tubes attached to a battery, half the fun of EDC is the dancing, so you’re going to want something that you can move easily in and that you don’t have to worry about breaking and injuring somebody if you crash into them in the wrong way. Nothing fits that bill better than light up shoes.

First, you know that they’ll be safe since they are already designed to act as armor for your feet. Shoes in general are protective, so light up shoes had the initial challenge of brightening up the part that will take the most punishment: the soles. As a result, you can be sure that your light up shoes will be able to handle the jumping, smacking, and occasional stepping that comes from dancing your way through an excited crowd.

Also, while they will be on your feet and not prominently displayed, that doesn’t mean that they won’t announce your arrival. The LEDs in most modern light up shoes are bright enough that in the lower, more directed light of any of the Electronic Daisy Carnival’s stages, rides, or art exhibits, you’ll be projecting for a certain distance around you as you walk.

Show Off Who You Are

The other huge advantage to adding light up shoes to your EDC ensemble is that you can adjust the color, blink pattern, and duration of how your shoes display. Want to rock rainbow lights on your way into kinetic FIELD? Only a button push away. Decided to move on to the bumper cars and want to blink red and blue? The right shoes can do that for you. Just want a cool purple while you take in some over the top art? Simple enough to change that setting. You can very easily be you with the right light up shoes.

EDC is in June, but you should start putting together your outfits right now, and you can’t go wrong building them with a pair of light up shoes anchoring your ensembles.

Could Light Up Shoes Be Formal Wear?

Posted by Jarrod Miller on 3/18/2017 to News

Could Light Up Shoes Be Formal Wear?

You’d certainly think that the way things are going, light up shoes might be the new trend in high class living.

Simple Kicks for the Rich and Famous

If you watched the Oscars, you might have noticed a few particularly special shoe choices. First, 8-year-old Lion actor Sunny Pawar wore, rather than a pair of spats or other formal shoes to go with his tux, an old pair of black and green sneakers with highlighter yellow laces. He’s actually worn these shoes to the Golden Globes and NAACP Image Awards as well.

If that wasn’t enough, when Seth Rogan and Michael J. Fox exited from a DeLorean on stage so Rogan could pay tribute to Fox’s Back to the Future character, Marty McFly, the first thing we saw was a pair of light up high tops from the second film adorning Rogan’s feet.

Express Yourself Anywhere

With so many famous and talented people starting to wear sneakers with their tuxedos, maybe it’s time that they consider light up shoes.

Not only would they be a great accessory that could be set to match the rest of an outfit, but they also are fantastic for expressing your personality. With so many styles and colors available, not even counting the lights themselves, it’s possible to show off who you are, whether it’s to stress that even an Oscar-nominated actor is still just a kid or to contribute to a heartfelt expression of love for somebody that has meant a lot to you.

Even if you aren’t in a formal setting, light up kicks are a great way to tell the world who you are while remaining stylish. They are easy to customize, draw attention, and can help you distinguish yourself, even in settings where people tend to blend in.

Bright Ideas to Go With Your Light Up Shoes

Posted by Jeff Williams on 2/27/2017 to News

Bright Ideas to Go With Your Light Up Shoes

So you just got a pair of light up shoes and want to know what else you can do with them? There are plenty of accessories that compliment your shoes and help you stand out even on the darkest nights.

Add Some More Light

Sure, the soles of your shoes light up, but what about the rest of them? While you don’t want to go overboard, a few tasteful additions can help compliment your favorite color or pattern.

For example, why not some LED light up laces to tie those shoes up? They’re not only inexpensive, but in particularly dark areas they can create a cool ladder effect running up your instep.

Similarly, if your nike light up shoes are high tops, you might want to consider an extra shoe clip light. These small accessories run from $5 - $10 and come in a variety of frame and light colors. Just clipping them around your ankle near the top of your shoe better shows off the rest of your kicks in the dark and frames them for an awesome visual.

Really Express Yourself

Of course, there’s more to accessorizing than just adding more lights. If you’re looking to really stand out in a crowd, there are a number of ways to do it.

How about adding a scrolling text LED screen to your instep or the side of your shoe? These are easily adapted to attach securely to the shoe and can say anything you want.

Or if you’re craftier and want something permanent, maybe consider hot gluing glowing EL wire to the shoes in a pattern you like.

As great as light up shoes can be on their own, there are countless ways that you can customize them to your tastes.

Light Up Shoes

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Riding Nostalgia Into the New Generation of light up shoes

Light up shoes are becoming the newest fad in footwear, particularly thanks to the success of Nike Light Up Shoes. But while these LED-lit trainers may just be hitting the market now, they’re tapping into the nostalgia of a whole generation that saw light up shoes when they first made their appearance nearly 25 years ago.

Light Up Shoes Make Their Debut

The first light up shoes started appearing on store shelves in 1992. L.A. Gear, a women’s fashion company that turned its attention to shoes, put out the first pair of L.A. Lights. The early 90s was still rooted in flamboyant 80s culture, and the video game boom had gotten everybody excited for what the newest tech might be. Suddenly here was a shoe that was also electronic, briefly flashing in red or blue every time you took a step. Parents loved them because they made their kids more visible at night. Kids loved them because they were cool.

For two solid years these shoes dominated the market. Generic brands started to develop their own versions based on the same idea, L.A. Gear came up with new designs and colors. Unfortunately, it would all end very suddenly.

What Killed the Light Up Shoe?

There are two main reasons why it’s Nike Light Up Shoes and not L.A. Gear putting out the newest light up shoes today.

First, grunge culture became the latest trend. With bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam sweeping out of Seattle, Washington and onto the Billboard charts, people started to take up the trappings of the style. Bright neon turned to black and bold sport coats were replaced with flannel shirts. Along with the fashion came a disaffection for trends of the past and a rejection of the 80s. “Cool” no longer meant shiny and loud, so the idea of light up shoes just weren’t as appealing to a group of kids that now wanted to convince everybody that they were above that.

The other, probably more pressing, problem was that mercury was found in L.A. Lights shoes. The shoes used the metal as a way to bridge the circuit. Whenever a kid took a step, it would let electricity pass from the battery to the light, making it turn on. Unfortunately, mercury is toxic, and parents stopped buying their kids shoes they thought might poison them.

Those Kids Are Now Adults and the Shoes Are Safe

A lot of 90s kids never forgot how excited they were by L.A. Lights, and they form much of the customer base for Nike Light Up Shoes. These new shoes use LED lights instead of mercury and can be charged with a USB cable, getting roughly 6 continuous hours per charge. You can change the colors or the pattern with the press of a button.

And of course, kids still love them. Much more impressive than the single blink, these light up shoes are a great way for kids to express themselves today while adults relive a part of their childhood gone far too soon.

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